18 Jewish women writing award-winning, traditionally-published books for kids with Jewish themes and characters.

Book Meshuggenah’s Chanukah Contest
It’s time for the 1st Annual Book Meshuggenahs’ Chanukah Contest: Be the Shamash! Just as the helper candle — the shamash — lights the others in the menorah, people can be the shamash by helping others. Please email pictures and a few words about yourself, your kids or your students helping others to thebookmeshuggenahs@gmail.com. Every participant will receive a certificate of thanks for being a shamash. In addition, eight participants will be chosen at random to receive one Book Meshuggenahs book apiece. The contest begins Oct. 1 and ends Dec. 1. We look forward to celebrating our Shamash people on our Be a Shamash page and on social media all through November and December. #tikkunolam #helptheworld