Be a Shamash

The Book Meshuggenahs Be A Shamash Contest is inspired by the words of Rabbi David Wolpe, who said: “The Shamash is the candle that lights the others. Be a Shamash.” 

Let us celebrate your kindnesses and inspire others to Be A Shamash. Thank you for helping to heal the world!


Oakland NJ
Gerrard Berman Day School


Silver Spring MD
My boys created this bookmark stand when we started quarantine. It made them feel so good to be able to make art and see how it made others happy. Right now, we have a kindness rock stand at the top of our block.

Carrollton TX
Mila Vincent, 5, and her sister Avivah Vincent, 2, of Carrollton, Texas have been doing a new Kindness Project every month this year. In November, they collected candy for Operation Gratitude and mailed 10 pounds of treats to our troops overseas. Their December project is providing goodies to delivery drivers. This box of treats stays outside their door all month long. 

San Antonio TX
Nine-year-old Pia Nathani stayed up late to finish making Christmas cards for senior home residents. She felt sad that due to the pandemic they may not have too many visitors. Thank you for kindness, Pia! 

Garland TX
Luz Pinilla’s great students in Garland ISD wrote letters to seniors at a resident facility in Rockwall.

Chicago IL
Grandpa taught special education for over forty years, but retiring didn’t stop him from teaching. For the past ten years, his love and dedication to teaching, and to the community at his old school brought him to substitute teach there. He substitute taught there nearly every day last year! After schools in Chicago closed last March, and continue to be closed now, he hasn’t been able to teach. Since my daughter knows how much he loves reading stories, she makes sure to video chat with him every night, and she gets to choose from an array of books he has just for her. It’s a win-win situation, as he loves reading to her and she loves his bedtime stories

Teaneck NJ
Helping Mom take out grape juice stains from his jeans on laundry day.

Teaneck NJ
Vacuuming the kitchen floor after dinner to get the house ready for Shabbat.

Shalom Village
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Visiting the sick and elderly.